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The image resolution of a modern smartphone is so good, you can stream one directly to a TV and think you were watching a DVD. However, achieving that level of fidelity was not so easy on Android due to restrictions on the OS. But with Google Chromecast, these issues are finally resolved.

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The Chromecast kit is simple and straightforward enough for anyone to pick up and use in minutes. Inside the box you’ll find the Chromecast, Micro USB cable, and a power cord. All you need to do is connect one end of the cable to your Chromecast and the other end to your TV’s HDMI input. It’s that easy! After a few seconds, the initial configuration screen will pop on screen. The new version of Chromecast also comes with a magnet, so you can hide it neatly on the back of your TV.

Chromecast: The installation is very simple

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Remember that Chromecast can’t do anything by itself; it needs a supported Android or iOS device to make the magic happen. But once you have such a device ready, you can visit the Play Store or App Store on it and download the “Google Cast” app. Once installed, connect that device to your Wi-Fi network and enjoy the show! A decent Internet connection is definitely recommended, since that’s what determines just how amazing your stream quality will be.


In the Google Cast app, you can see which other apps are compatible with Chromecast. When you see a TV icon on your smartphone, this means that the content you see can be mirrored natively in all its glory.

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Google Cast, Chromecast’s command center.


On Android devices, there’s also a very cool option to stream literally anything right from your phone or tablet’s screen. For example, games like Disney Magic Kingdoms look simply magical on a TV. And Gangstar Vegas could pull you right in with how vast the open-world environment looks. Now just connect a game controller and you’re basically playing a home console.

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Look! It’s Rapunzel on the big screen. Yay!


Google Chromecast (2nd Gen) is an extremely user friendly tool that can effectively turn your TV into an amazing part of your smart device that also plays media content. The installation is very intuitive and the price is reasonable (£30.00).


Have you had a chance to try Google Chromecast? Tell us about how easy it was to get started, and what’s your favorite thing to stream on the big screen.